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Cuomo Announces Plan to Reduce Methane Emissions

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo announced a multi-agency Methane Reduction Plan that targets the oil and gas sector, landfills and agriculture.  The Plan is a result of collaboration by the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Department of Public Service, the Department of Agriculture and Markets, the Soil and Water Conservation Committee, and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.  The Plan calls for implementation of regulations and policies by each of these entities.
In the oil and gas sector, the Plan calls for a broad range of policies and requirements to reduce methane leakage from existing oil and gas wells and pipeline systems, including gathering and distribution systems.  This will include further odorization, monitoring and repair of gathering systems.  In addition, the Plan targets methane emissions from oil and gas storage, abandoned wells and other infrastructure that is not directly regulated as an emission source.  It also calls for prioritization of repairs in natural gas distribution systems.
In the landfill sector, the Plan calls for the diversion of organic waste from landfills and the management of landfills to reduce methane emissions from waste decomposition.  This includes enhancements to the Part 360 regulations that are undergoing revision and policies and regulatory requirements that will be applicable to both closed landfills and smaller landfills.
In the agriculture sector, the DEC will work with the other cooperating agencies to implement farm management practices, monitoring and reporting of these practices and soil carbon sequestration on farms.
A full copy of the Methane Reduction Plan can be found at the following link:
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